If you are newly pregnant, Congratulations! You likely have many questions about what to expect and how your body will change. The doctors at Women for Women have developed a program to guide and assist you, week by week, through your pregnancy and post-partum.   Our Triage Call Centers at both our offices are staffed with Registered Nurses and Certified Medical Assistants and are available to you during our office hours to answer all your questions and address any concerns in between your scheduled visits.   

Our Mission:

The Women for Women team is committed to providing our patients with the support and education to have a safe, individualized birth experience. We focus on nurturing healthy pregnancies by building strong relationships with our patients through education, nutrition, evidence-based prenatal testing and mental well-being.

What sets us apart:

Among both routine and high-risk obstetric care, we offer the following services:

  • Early genetic screening/testing (Non Invasive Prenatal Genetic Testing)
  • Trial of labor after cesarean section in appropriate candidates (VBAC)
  • External version (turning breech babies to facilitate trial of labor)
  • Personalized prenatal classes and Maternity Unit tours
  • Breast feeding support
  • Management of post-partum blues and depression

Where Do We Deliver?

We deliver at Lankenau Medical Center in Wynnewood, Pa., one of the Philadelphia region’s most honored and trusted hospitals. Detailed below are some of the many reasons why we believe that the Lankenau Medical Center is where you should deliver your baby:

  • Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit that is on standby 24 hours for babies born premature or in need of specialized care.
  • State-of-the-art maternity suites and private post-partum rooms
  • 24 hour in-house anesthesia for pain management
  • Board Certified Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists
  • Perinatal Testing Services
  • Certified Lacatation and Breastfeeding services
  • Mason Shaffer Public Cord Blood Donation

What You Can Expect?

Your prenatal care will start between 8-10 weeks pregnant.  Each visit will include a weight, blood pressure check and urine dip for protein or sugar. Your provider will also measure your belly to monitor your baby’s growth.

VISIT 1: At 8-10 weeks

Your provider will review your medical history and provide you with instructional and educational materials that will be helpful to you during your pregnancy including services offered by Women for Women and Lankenau Medical Center. Your provider will perform a complete gynecologic exam. As it may be too early to hear your baby’s heartbeat, we will perform an ultrasound at beside to visualize your baby’s heartbeat and to confirm your estimated due date.

After your exam, you will have blood drawn for standard tests recommended at the beginning of your pregnancy.

For a complete list of standard and optional tests click here

Subsequent visits are every 4 weeks until your 30th week of pregnancy.

VISIT 2: At 12-14 weeks

In addition to checking your weight, blood pressure, urine and measuring your belly, your provider will listen for the baby’s heart beat with a Fetal Doppler this visit and every visit thereafter.

At 28 weeks

At this time in your pregnancy, you will be screened for gestational diabetes with a 1 hour Glucose Tolerance test. If this screening is positive then further diagnostic testing will be done to determine if you have developed gestational diabetes.

If you haven’t done so already, now is a great time to consider enrolling in our Pregnancy and Childbirth Education classes and to schedule a tour of the Lankenau Medical Center Mother and Baby Unit.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Education

Lankenau Medical Center Mother and Baby Unit

At 30 weeks

Your visits will start to increase in frequency from every 4 weeks to every 3 weeks, 2 weeks then weekly starting at 36 weeks.

At 36 weeks:

The end is near!  At this visit, your physician will obtain a culture which will check for presence of Group B Streptococcus, a bacteria that can be found in up to 40% of pregnant women. If this test is positive, you will be treated with antibiotics during your labor. 

You will be seen once a week from now until the delivery of your baby.

After your baby is born y
ou will be advised to make a post-partum appointment at 6 weeks from your delivery date.  Take this time to enjoy your precious new one but know we are only a phone call away!